Ionix delivers tailored production systems and equipment to industry, typically related to Ionix’s key technologies: laser processing, plasma processing, or arc welding processes. In addition, automation plays an important role in the systems – often in addition to controlling the processing tool, other functions are also automated. Examples about these are automatic material handling and automatic quality assurance.

EQUIPMENT AND COMPONENTS integrated in the system are always optimal choices for the customer’s needs, as Ionix does not represent any specific component manufacturers. Examples of equipment and component manufacturers (also other manufacturers are possible):

SYSTEM PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION is carried out always in close cooperation with the customer organization, and also the operators of the system are typically involved in the project from the beginning. This ensures the functionality of the system and suitability precisely to the customer’s needs, as well as a smooth start of production.

The system project can be carried out, e.g.:

  • As a cooperation project, where Ionix provides system engineering services to the customer, such as project management, engineering, sourcing, assembly supervision, commissioning and training. The customer orders parts and components based on Ionix’s specifications and participates in assembly and commissioning as much as possible.
  • As a turnkey delivery, where Ionix supplies the entire production system deployed to the customer’s production, and trains the operators of the system.

Typically, the system project is preceded by a preliminary study by Ionix, which specifies the customers needs, develops a system concept, and compiles investment calculations to support customer in the investment decision making.

EXAMPLES of tailored production systems:

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