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System Engineering

IONIX SYSTEM ENGINEERING SERVICES consist of different kind of services at all stages of a machine building project.

CAPACITY CALCULATIONS form usually the basis for the system engineering process. In complex systems, building of a simulation model is sometimes required in order to verify the system capacity.

SYSTEM CONCEPT DESIGN consists of engineering a conceptual model of the customized system in co-operation with the customer and the other parties of the project.

PROFITABILITY CALCULATIONS consist of investment cost calculations and operating cost calculations based on the system concept.

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING of customized systems is accomplished with SolidWorks 3D design software. Our team’s experience in manufacturing technology, machine building, and procurement activities helps us to improve the manufacturing friendliness and cost-effectiveness of the system.

PROCESS ENGINEERING consists of different kind of activities at different stages of the project, e.g. process tests, selecting the right technology and equipment, process commissioning, and process training.


  • Project management
  • Training
  • Documentation

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