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Laser Cutting Machines

Ionix laser cutting machines are the perfect choice for a customer whose requirements the standard cutting machines available on the market do not meet.

Ionix laser cutting machines are always tailored to meet the customer's needs, taking into account customer specific requirements. Customer specific requirements for a laser cutting machine may include, for example:

  • automatic loading of blanks (e.g. as sheets, coil or tube)
  • measurement of the blanks with machine vision before cutting
  • automatic cutting quality assurance
  • automatic part and scrap unloading
  • particularly small size of the cutting machine
  • particularly large size of the work area

Ionix laser cutting machines utilize standardized solutions as well as the top component manufacturers on the market.

If the customer does not have special requirements for the laser cutting machine, Ionix can help the customer to find the most suitable machine from the market of standard laser cutting machines.

An example of a customer's tailor-made laser cutting machine (from 2013): Vahterus Oy's laser cutting machine for heat transfer plates.

Additional information: Ionix production systemslaser cutting

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