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Process Engineering

IONIX PROCESS ENGINEERING SERVICES are related to the company’s key technologies. We help our customers to get the maximum benefit from the state-of-the-art technologies in laser processing, plasma processing and arc welding.

SELECTING THE RIGHT MANUFACTURING PROCESS is essential when developing and designing a new product, as well as when developing the manufacturing process of an existing product. We help our customers to choose the right process without commitment to any specific technology, and considering the quality and capacity demands as well as investment and operating costs.

PROCESS TESTING is usually recommendable in order to verify the process quality that can be reached. Additionally, requirements set for the equipment can be specified.

PROCESS DEVELOPMENT is launched if there’s no standard process available for the customer’s application due to its special nature. Quite often small changes, such as parameter adjustments or modifications to the process tool, can help in order to modify the process to meet the needs set by the application.

PROCESS COMMISSIONING AND TUNING SERVICES help the customer to optimize the process and utilize the technology as efficiently as possible. Commissioning of a new process always contains challenges, but sometimes the process must be tuned after several years of operation: e.g. increase of capacity demand, new materials, or quality problems can require modifications to the process.

PROCESS TRAINING is always a good investment. Increase in the level of professional skills and knowledge increase productivity and decrease the quality costs, and moreover, new innovations e.g. enhancing the productivity tend to arise during the training.

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