IONIX TEAM has been playing a major role in several delivery projects of automatic production systems during the recent years. Some examples:

  • Automatic TIG welding machine for sheet metal parts, 2015-2016. Automatic material handling, welding current and voltage monitoring, quality inspection by machine vision.
  • Automatic laser cutting system with a large work area, 2012-2013. 1 kW fiber laser, automatic material handling, machine vision. Mechanical engineering, laser technology, project management. Read more >>>
  • Automatic laser cutting and laser marking system, 2011. 3 kW fiber laser for cutting and 50 W fiber laser for marking. Fully automatic operation. Mechanical engineering, laser processes, project management.
  • Automatic laser welding system, 2010-2012. Two 12 kW fiber lasers for welding. Fully automatic operation. Mechanical engineering, laser processes, commissioning, project management.
  • Automatic laser cutting and laser welding system, 2008-2009. Two 3 kW CO2 lasers for cutting and welding of tubular parts. Mechanical engineering, laser processes, commissioning, project management.

OUR CUSTOMERS are for example the following industry-leading companies:

”Ionix has been involved in our production development since 2012 and has helped us maintain the technological advantage over our competitors with its flexible and high-quality consultation services.

Paavo Pitkänen, Technology Director, Vahterus Oy

The awarded supplier is agile, cooperative and above all, innovative in its field of operations.

The company has proven to be an agile operator that is able to compete in a market dominated by significantly larger competitors. This competiveness comes not only from their competence but also from company’s ability to utilize their business network in order to find optimal solutions to customer challenges. 

With their can-do attitude they provided Boliden with a tailored solution combining novel approaches in robotics and machine vision with modern laser welding technologies. This solution has turned previous, labor intensive, work into a fully automated operation that significantly improves work safety, product quality and overall efficiency.

Recognition to Ionix from Boliden at Boliden Supplier Summit 2019

”Together with Ionix Oy, we carried out an extensive welding research project, in which we studied e.g. various laser hybrid welding processes as well as deep penetration TIG welding. We are very pleased with the results of the project and the flexible cooperation with Ionix!”

Hans Storbacka, Senior R&D Manager, OSTP Finland Oy Ab