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Ionix 10 years

Ionix celebrated the 10 year of operation in the spring in Hämeenlinna with good food and drink.

The gala dinner commemorated Ionix’s 10-year history, and here are few gems from the archives.

The new entrepreneurs in bank at the beginning of 2012

Installation of the first machine project in 2013 at Vahterus Oy

Lasys trade fair in Stuttgart in 2014

Ionix recreation day in 2018

Greetings from the Chairman of the Board and the Managing Director:

From Startup to one of Finland's top machine engineering company

Congratulations to 10-year-old Ionix Oy! Ten years ago, three former co-workers set up a business where it would be nice to come to work every day. The same three founders are still the main shareholders of Ionix. In the beginning, the company's business consisted mainly of consultation services, but today a growing part of the turnover consists of turnkey deliveries, in which, in addition to engineering expertise, production equipment ready for operation is delivered to the customer.

Expertise is emphasized in Ionix's operations. We do not have our own products, but our expertise is to acquire the laser equipment that best suits the customer's needs and build automation around them.

I want to thank the partners who saw and believed in the ability of the Ionix team right from the start. The support of these  market leaders has been vital for a growing and developing company. We have been able to grow and develop over the years through interesting and challenging projects. The original engineering style is still reflected in the precision of the work: the documents and plans of Ionix's experts are always carefully made and up-to-date. It facilitates external auditing that processes and practices are in place.

We are top experts in the laser industry in Finland. The laser is a universal tool for marking, surface treatment, 3D printing, micromachining, cutting and welding. Today, the laser is used everywhere: in industry, medicine, food, etc. The laser equipment market is growing globally by more than 10% per year. It is a big market worldwide, with workstations and automation coming on top. Applications range from aerospace high-tech to kitchen scissors. Almost everything can be done with a laser, but you also need to be able to evaluate cost-effectiveness and the most suitable laser for the application. In most cases, application testing is also required before the device is sold to ensure that the design works in practice. These services play a significant role in Ionix's service portfolio and guarantee a high-quality end result for the customer.

Laser processing is an interesting field where, for example, laser hybrid welding and automated laser marking are interesting developments. There will be a demand for Ionix's laser expertise in the future for sure!

Anssi Jansson
Chairman of the Board, Ionix Oy

Working together to succeed

It is time to celebrate! The year 2021 was our tenth year as a Ionix Oy. Throughout these years, our network has expanded into a strong global partner network that we appreciate for its expertise and resources.

We have successfully solved the numerous demanding technical challenges and almost invariably stay on schedule despite the challenges of component delivery times in cooperation with our partners and customers. The customers have been especially satisfied with the quality of our results and the speed and flexibility of our operations. Close and open cooperation with our customers and other stakeholders is the cornerstone of our operations.

Our values ​​are co-operation, accountability, craftmanship and personnel. In addition to close and open-minded co-operation and continuous improvement in craftmanship, we want to take responsibility in our work, our people and our environment. Over the past year, we have made efforts to grow our premises, streamline our work and improve information security. Continuous competence development is a key element in achieving the success. Our goal is to have a renewable, innovative and motivating work environment that pays attention to the well-being of our staff.

The current year 2022 looks good and promising. Ionix will continue some extremely interesting product development and delivery projects and hopefully we will start numerous new customer projects also!

Vesa Rinne
Managing Director, Ionix Oy

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